Mental health gets just €15m despite €35m Budget vow

Irish Independent | Eilish O'Regan The Government was at the centre of a "dishonest spin" row yesterday after it emerged a Budget-day pledge to give an extra €35m to alleviate the crisis in mental health services will amount to as little as €15m in spending next year. The news was met with shock and dismay [...]

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Escaping the stigma: mental health in the workplace

Irish Times | Olive Keogh “In 2008, I was 20 years into a career with Unilever. Then all of a sudden, at midnight on January 25th, 2008, I had a panic attack. It was the start of a three-month battle with depression and anxiety. The following day, when I was diagnosed with depression, I made [...]

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Study finds high rate of suicide among women in health sector

Irish Times | Barry Roche More than a quarter of women who took their own lives in Cork worked in health care. Programmes should be put in place to overcome the stigma of mental illness among health care professionals, a leading expert on suicide has said. The comments from Prof Ella Arensman, of the National [...]

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High levels of stress identified among local politicians

Irish Times | Paul Cullen A survey of county councillors across the State has identified high levels of depression and stress among local politicians. Almost half of those surveyed say they have experienced depression or anxiety, and almost 80 per cent feel their role as a councillor is impinging on family or personal life. Two [...]

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NOSP: Its Ok To Ask For Help. | People with suicidal thoughts are being reminded its ok to ask for help. New figures by the National Office for Suicide Prevention shows there were 487 deaths by suicide in 2013. It also found that more than 8,790 people involved in self-harm turned up at hospitals around the country last year. The Government [...]

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When should we teach children about positive mental health?

Irish Times | Sheila Wayman Some 50 per cent of parents believe teachers should start introducing the idea of positive mental health to children from as early as ages four and five in junior infant classes, according to a new survey. Ninety-nine per cent, agree that they want their children to begin building their mental [...]

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12 wellbeing tips for men

Irish Independent |  Ailin Quinlan This week, our reporter talks to mens' health expert Dr Noel Richardson, who shares his top tips for male mental and physical wellbeing. 1 IT'S OK FOR MENT NOT TO FEEL OK Men don't like to admit to themselves or to anyone else that there may be something wrong, says [...]

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Jason McAteer reveals his battle with depression | Late Late Show Former Ireland international and Liverpool star Jason McAteer has said that he contemplated suicide after his playing career ended. The 45-year-old Liverpudlian appeared on the Late Late Show on Friday night and revealed that the day pitch stardom finished, his depression set in. "It's like a light switch the day you [...]

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What is Mental Health First Aid, and can it help to end the stigmatizing around mental health in Ireland? | Paddy McKenna World Mental Health Day on 10 October is themed "psychological and mental health first aid for all". Mental Health First Aid training is available for the first time ever so we caught up with Mental Health First Aid Ireland project manager, Donal Scanlan, to find out more about what it involves. Donal [...]

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Ireland soccer hero Jason McAteer opens up about his suicidal thoughts and depression

Irish Mirror | Sharon McGowan Ireland soccer star Jason McAteer has revealed he contemplated ending his own life by driving into traffic. The 45-year-old sportsman speaks about his struggle with depression after retiring from professional football in his new book. The former Liverpool player confessed that at his lowest point, he thought about committing suicide [...]

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