Seeking Bereavement Support

Many people are able to turn to friends, family and the clergy for support. The bereaved by suicide need the opportunity to talk about the death and the person who died. The need to be able  to express painful emotions and vent possible feelings of anger or guilt. Facing the world is not easy; the bereaved by suicide have difficulties – as do those friends and family that surround them. Grief and mourning following suicide is complex and may need additional help from bereavement counsellors and support groups. Experience shows that such help can be of enormous benefit. Please see below contact details for national and local bereavement counselling and support.

Console & The Irish Hospice Foundation have jointly produced a booklet targeting suicide bereavement and the workplace. If you feel that this may be useful please download a copy of  Breaking the Silence in the workplace – a guide for employers on responding to suicide in the workplace

ROI Bereavement Services

Living Links – for local contact details

Bethany Bereavement Support – for local contact details

Barnardos – 01-4732110 ( Barnardos Bereavement support/counselling for Children)

Rainbows – ( Bereavement support for Children)

NI Bereavement Services

Cruse Bereavement Support – – 0844 4779400

Lenadoon Counselling Project (West Belfast)- 028 9060 0641 

Paths (Positive action to help those bereaved by suicide) – 028 8283 5302

Foyle Search & Rescue- Suicide Bereavement Support Group – 028 7186 5127

Niamh Louise Foundation  – – 028 8774 0354

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Seeking Bereavement Support
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