The Irish Association of Suicidology was founded in 1996 by Dr. John Connolly, the late Dr. Michael Kelleher, and Mr. Dan Neville T.D. The IAS set out to be a forum for all individuals and voluntary groups involved in any aspect of suicidology for the exchange of knowledge gained from differing perspectives and experiences. The IAS believes that no group, voluntary or professional has a monopoly of wisdom or expertise about suicide.

The IAS is dedicated to disseminating information about suicide and suicide prevention so that public opinion can respond to the issue in an informed manner. Suicide prevention is everybody’s responsibility and the tide can only be turned by concerted coordinate action by all parts of our society.

The IAS works with Government & voluntary organisations in order to develop and promote positive suicide prevention policies. Through its conferences and publications, the association highlights various aspects of suicide and endeavours to influence public policy and insure that positive action is taken to provide adequate strategies to combat this tragic problem in our society.

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Prof. Siobhan O’Neill Mob: 0044-7769652259 |
IAS Dublin Office Tel: 01 6674900 |

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