| Paddy McKenna
World Mental Health Day on 10 October is themed “psychological and mental health first aid for all”.
Mental Health First Aid training is available for the first time ever so we caught up with Mental Health First Aid Ireland project manager, Donal Scanlan, to find out more about what it involves.

Donal is also a panellist on #TimeToTalk event on 10 October, where we’ve teamed up with LYONS Tea and Pieta House for an evening of discussion on mental health topics with a selection of leading medical and mental health professionals.

JOE: Mental Health First Aid is going to be a new concept for many people – how do you describe it?

Donal: Yes, it’s a new concept to Ireland but it’s been around for over ten years internationally. There’s well over a million people trained in it worldwide.

It works off the same principles as normal First Aid. It looks to recognise when people are in difficulty or in crisis. It’s about how to be able support the person through that experience. It’s not about being able to diagnose or about being a counsellor or therapist in any way. It’s not about telling people what to do and I must emphasise that. 

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